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Our Dream Deferred

Aug 16, 2023

We’re joined by Dr. Crystal Hoyt, Professor of Leadership Studies and Psychology at the Jepson School of Leadership at the University of Richmond. Her scholarship looks at the intersection of human belief systems and social justice, and in this episode, she offers us a look into research she and colleagues have conducted that uncovers unseen influences on both individual thinking and on shared societal perspectives that in turn affect wealth inequality and poverty.
Dr. Hoyt shares insights on how mindsets shape our understanding of social issues, offering a fresh perspective on the state of American economic inequality and poverty. During our time together, she also explains how mindsets impact what we believe is possible, including whether eliminating poverty is achievable. By helping us understand the different kinds of mindsets, and why understanding their distinctions matters, we can better advance anti-poverty policy solutions.
Resources discussed:
Mindsets of Addiction: Implications for Treatment Intentions - 
Believing in the American Dream Sustains Negative Attitudes toward Those in Poverty – 
Growth Mindset Messaging in Stigma-Relevant Contexts: Harnessing Benefits Without Costs - 
The Implications of Mindsets of Poverty for Stigma Against Those in Poverty - 
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